How to Build a Successful PPC by Researching the Right Keywords

Once you are successful with creating your PPC account structure and setting up the campaign settings, the next step is to do research and find the best keywords that you can use for your ad groups.

It is imperative to have a group of keywords that distinguishes your product and services uniquely. Such keywords play a major role in displaying your ads to the right audience looking out for your solution to their issues.

Adwords Freelancers

It requires lot of strategy and technique to build a set of keywords that are relevant to your business. Hiring the service of a White Label PPC can be considered here as they have relevant experience and can help you with your strategy and technique in building keywords that can attract many potential clients to your website.

Identify Your PPC Keyword: It is not always easy to build a keyword list. Many people find it very frustrating and time consuming. When preparing the list of keywords, you need to think from a customer point of view. You need to understand the problems of customers and find out how they use Google to search for their problems. Once you start thinking that way, you can create a small list of keywords.

Once you have the initial list of keywords, you can use the “Google AdWords Keyword” tool to grow your keyword list. The tool will use an existing list of keywords or your website URL and produce new related keywords that match your list. You can also use Google Search to simply search for new keywords that match your existing list. You will definitely find a whole bunch of new keywords. You should also look at the related searches from where you can get some idea about creating keywords. An experienced White Label PPC can help you in identifying your keywords easily.

Assigning Match Types: Once you have the list of keywords, the next step is to find match types to assign to these keywords. Broad, Exact and Phrase are the 3 types of match types.

So, what does a broad match do? It is the default setting for keywords. Those keywords that are set to broad match can easily trigger ads when a person looks out for the keyword in Google.  Even slight variations in search can trigger your ads.

You can modify the broad match by adding “+” word to your keyword so that it will trigger your ad only when exact match is found.

A phrase match is performed when a keyword string is searched. Ads will be shown even if there are some extra words prior to the keyword string or after it.

Exact match search type triggers the ad only when an exact match is found for the searched keyword.


There is no perfect type when it comes to assigning keyword match types. If you are looking to get better results, it is good to be more specific. Using match types like Phrase and Exact can help you get potential customers to your website. With the help of a White Label PPC service firm, you can ensure that your ad campaign can produce better results by using the right keywords. You can concentrate on your business and your White Label PPC agency will take care of all your ad campaign details.



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