Five Tips to Improve PPC Advertising Efforts

For e-commerce businesses, the Internet marketing is challenging. And, when it comes to pay per click strategy for your business, it becomes the most complex space for you. But, in order to leverage the trendsetter of the digital marketing, that is PPC, it is important to implement this strategy for your online business, whether yourself, if you are a master, or hire a PPC freelancer to do this.


All PPC veterans search new ways to get cheap and conversion-friendly clicks. But, in the whole process, it is common to overlook some of the easiest ways to get organic clicks. This article uncovers those overlooked areas that allow you to utilize your digital ad spend smartly and allow to find fantastic opportunities to be at the top of the consumer’s  mind when they are looking for you.

Tips to Improve your PPC Marketing Efforts

Model Number/Product UPC Campaign

There are two types of customers or searchers: one who doesn’t know exactly what he or she wants, and the other is one who knows exactly what he or she wants. Former customer searches for broad terms and the latter type of customer make a product or model number based search. For instance, say you are selling road bikes online. Then, the first type of customer will enter terms like: cheap road bikes, best road bikes, so on. On the other hand, the one who knows what he or she wants exactly will use search terms like “Honda 2020 black and grey road bike”. So, the latter customer has made specific search.

Competition for these types of keywords is lower and has a higher conversion rate. Making a model or product specific campaign is the beneficial because 40% of people make specific searches. You can use product page for these types of ads where your visitor can get all related details.

Long Tail Keyword Expansion

Not all knowledgeable searchers use UPC in their search terms. Instead, they use long tail keywords like “Blue Honda road bike lowest price”. To identify the right long tail keywords for your website, you need to analyse your search query report that shows which search terms triggered your ad. Try to identify all long tail keywords, which contain a few product details. Let’s suppose someone searched for you for a particular long tail keyword and ended up purchasing from you. Add that keyword to a related ad group and bid on it aggressively. Here, your keyword acts as a wide net and catches voluminous deals. All you have to dig deep into the data and find the right keywords.

Competitive Campaigns

Now, this is the risky area unless you go for organic clicks and keep patience. This is for a customer who is planning to buy from a specific brand, but is not convinced and can choose an alternative. And, you are holding that alternate with added perks. This requires you to target your competitor’s keywords that take you a couple of months to edge out them organically, and win the traffic for those terms.

Add Price in Ads

Adding price in your ads makes them even more clickable. In this way, you can easily screen out people by setting your expectations of pricing. When searches see your ad and notice price, he or she already knows what to expect. And, they are much likely to convert into sales.

If you are going to outsource PPC  or hiring PPC freelancer , they must know it and do it for your e-commerce business.

Add Call to Action

Add call to action to your ads, which help customers to understand the purpose of ads. Call to action increase to conversion rate. Call to action like Apply Now, Call us, Instant apply help the customer to understand that whether he is going to apply for some service or product or it’s just information.These are the small things which decide whether you are going to succeed in paid ads or not.


We all try to find new ways to get the most out of PPC campaigns for an e-commerce business. But, we forget some of the most common areas that can draw excessive traffic to a website at the lowest CPC. Read this post and know those four easy areas.


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