Ways to Optimize Your AdWords PPC Campaign Structure

It is very important to optimize the Adwords PPC campaign structure to maintain the Ad rank and ad position of the ad. So, check out the ways to optimize the campaigns


Ad Rank

Ad Rank not only depends on the bid amount but the overall quality of the based on the factors such as landing page optimization, CTR or click through rate, ad relevance and format of the ad. Each ad gets a quality score of ranging from 1 – 10 with 1 being minimum and 10 being the maximum. Landing page optimization depends on the factors such as good navigation, transparency, and faster loading time.

It is not always true that the Ad with the highest bid will always be to the top position.

So, check out the impact of Quality Score on the Max CPC with the below-mentioned example

Ads Bid Quality Score Ad Rank(Bid*QS) Position as per Ad Rank
A 10$ 2 20 2
B 5$ 5 25 1
C 3$ 6 18 3
D 2$ 3 6 Not shown


Now arranging the Ads according to their ad position

Ads Bid Quality Score Ad Rank(Bid*QS) Position as per Ad Rank
B 5$ 5 25 1
A 10$ 2 20 2
C 3$ 6 18 3


So, you can see even A is bidding the highest amount but its ad position is the second highest. Max CPC is calculated on the basis of the amount that an advertiser have to pay for the ad shown below it and calculated as

Max CPC = Ad. Rank of the previous ad/ Quality Score of the Ad

Let’s calculate for the above Ads

Ads Bid Quality Score Ad Rank(Bid*QS) Position as per Ad Rank Max CPC
B 5$ 5 25 1 4$
A 10$ 2 20 2 9$
C 3$ 6 18 3 Min


So now if A improves his Quality Score to 3 than its Ad Rank becomes 30 so then above positions will change to

Ads Bid Quality Score Ad Rank(Bid*QS) Position as per Ad Rank Max CPC
A 10$ 3 30 1 8.4$
B 5$ 5 25 2 3.6$
C 3$ 6 18 3 Min

As a result, now, he only needs to pay 8.4$ instead of 9$ after improving the quality of his ad. So, when the quality of an ad improves max CPC reduces.


AdWords Text Ads Essentials

The standard type of AdWords includes a headline, description line one and description line two, display URL and destination URL. So make sure to optimize them properly with call to actions like shop, buy, purchase. Also, add value propositions like free shipping, 40% off etc.


Keyword Match Types

Include exact, phrase match, broad match and negative words according to your requirement as follows


  1. Exact Match: When you want to trigger the ad for exact words like “black shoes”


  1. Phrase Match: When you require to triggers the ad for the words before or after the exact words.


  1. Broad Match: When you want the ad to show for the search queries in any order with the target words.


  1. Negative Words: Include all the words in this list so not to show them in results.


Ad Extensions

Include the right kind of extension like sitelink, location, call, review to make an  ad more informative and better for user experience and increase your CTR.

So, follow these ways to optimize your PPC Campaign structure to get better results.



  1. […]  The trend of the mobile traffic is increasing and will continue to rise in coming years. As a lot of competition is there, so you need to optimize the ad to get to the top position to get the click. Regularly monitor the ad position on mobile devices and run separate campaigns for them. You can raise the bid amount on the mobile devices by setting bid adjustments. This is one of the most important AdWords optimization strategies. […]


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