Choosing the Best Google AdWords Packages and SEO Services


Choose the best Google AdWords Package from a reputed SEO and advertising agency. A good package offers you everything, starting from the account structure to writing compelling ad text.



Google AdWords comes into the mind immediately when a website owner starts seriously pondering on effective ways to reach more customers, grow their business and maximize their overall return on investment in internet marketing and advertising efforts. It is advisable to approach an agency who expertise in AdWords. These agencies offer customized Google AdWords packages designed separately to suit different business requirements as well as budget.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords needs no introduction. Yet, we would like to introduce it in brief for those who are inexperienced with this magic tool. It is the largest and globally used online advertising platform, used by millions of advertisers to promote their business on the Internet.

It allows advertisers to target two networks: the search networks and the Display network. The search network refers to PPC, or paid search advertising that includes bidding on the relevant keywords. It gives opportunity to display ads to users depending on the relevancy of ad keywords as well as text and search queries. On the other hand, the Display network allows advertisers to place visual banners on websites that are the part of Google Display network. It allows targeting global users and a vast customer base. Both types of campaigns are managed by AdWords, though it mainly includes search network only. And, the Display Network is mentioned by its own name.

How to Setup Google AdWords Account?

Make sure that you choose fully-fledged Google AdWords packages that accommodate all your needs. First, your AdWords account is created and it takes only a few minutes. You can either create a new account or use an existing account for AdWords. Following to that, add basics of your account, like account name, location, time zone, etc. Finally, you have to fill the billing details. Make sure that you fill accurate details to pay your monthly bills.

How to Use Google AdWords?

It involves three important things: account structure, understanding keywords and writing compelling ads.

  • Account Structure: A good account structure automatically boosts your PPC metrics like quality score and conversion rate. A good account structure allows more relevant traffic and clicks; higher quality score, and makes account maintenance easier. For single campaigns, account structure can be simple. But for multiple campaigns, it needs proper outset and planning. An ideal account has campaigns with separate ad groups. Each ad group has unique and relevant keywords, ad text and landing pages. You can structure your account by the type of products/services, by geographic location, etc.
  • Understanding Keywords: Keywords play the basic and most important role here. AdWords work by allowing advertisers to bid on keywords that are most profitable to a business. To find the most relevant and profitable keywords, advertisers use free keyword research tool by Google.
  • Writing Compelling Ads: Once you know the best keywords for your campaigns, it is time to write impressive and relevant ad text. This is always included in your Google AdWords packages. Make sure that your ad text is very compelling, genuine and include all information related to the product or services. You can also include product price or discount offers in your ad to make it more attractive.

Most importantly, evaluate the strength of your Google AdWords account using crucial PPC metrics, including: landing pages, mobile optimization, click-through rate and text Ad optimization, etc. Google AdWords packages by a good advertising firm always offer a complete set of services to their clients.


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